Member profile

Easily update profile information

CCS makes it easy to add and update information, and sometimes, all you need to do is review changes that someone made for you.

Connect every face and every name

Inspire people to connect in "real life" by making it easy for them to browse an online photo directory of people within your church.

Keep family information together

Keep families and their information together, associating profiles and making it easy for households to manage their profiles together.

Track what’s most important to your staff

Create unlimited custom profile fields to match the unique data needs of your church, and then let others help you maintain the information for themselves.

Keep confidential information secure

Assign different roles to different staff and leaders as a way to give appropriate access to people without compromising any of your private information.

One unified church database

Import profile data from all your legacy systems to unlock the power of a single, unified database of every individual, family, or business connected to your church.

Data that reflects real life

Enable the people to manage their own profile information and then use automatic data validation to keep your data clean.

Lookup someone quickly

Looking up people and groups has never been easier. Simply start typing and results will immediately start displaying.

Member Offering

The ability to give freely

Give donors a wide array of giving options, from speedy simplicity of text based giving to full management of payment methods, donation scheduling, and recurrences on mobile devices or the web.

Efficiency that multiplies

Give your financial staff the ability to quickly record, manage, and track contributions via automatic posting of online gifts, rapid entry of cash/cheque/credit card donations, or importing from other systems.

Deep insights at a glance

You don’t always have time to dig deep into the data, so CCS serves up meaningful, actionable— you might even say beautiful— insights through your own personal giving dashboard.

Back commitments with follow-through

Staff can enter and manage donor pledges, or give donors the ability to create and maintain their own contribution pledges, including pledging to multiple campaigns or funds, start and end dates, and more.

Use the past to build the future

Full giving histories are available to staff, providing a wealth of information to deliver insights and shape your ministry. Plus, donors can access their giving history and statements online any time.

Manage your funds easily

Direct contributions into established operational and ministry funds so you can be good stewards of donations and how people want to apply their support to your church.


Get something out of what you put in

CCS provides the data points that matter and gives you flexibility to discover the insights that will impact your ministry.

Stay ahead of where you’re headed

Know where you're headed before you get there. Observe involvement trends on your dashboard and see what's working and what's not.

Easily share discoveries with your staff

When you generate a report, you can save it and share it with anybody on your staff by email. When they sign in, they will see the new report.

Create lists of people from any report

Not only can you run reports to gain insights into specific segments of your church, you can extract those segments for email or mailing lists.

Grow and develop people in your church

Keep track of where people are on their spiritual journey. Simply provide opportunities for growth and follow up with them accordingly.

  • It's Affordable
    CCS Basic is completely free for small churches, and both editions are priced reasonably for everyone else.
  • It's simple
    Even the computer-challenged volunteer can use it.
  • It's customizable
    You can edit and create your own entries for many selection boxes, plus create your own user-defined fields.
  • It's secure
    Set up user accounts to control who can access your data and set permission levels to control what users can see.
  • It's accessible
    Access your data from multiple computers using our data sharing technology.